The thing is that I got used to you dissappearing, not me deciding to cut all communication with you.
I’m gonna miss you so goddamn bad, a part of me happened or maybe stayed with you, I don’t really get it.
You mightve become an addiction and that’s why it kills me when you’re not around or even close enough.
Anyhow I hope youre very happy, that you can take care of your son the best way, that you never stop singing, that you maybe find someone who can love you despite everything. I could, if I had one little chance… If our lives were any different, I’d love you til the end of time. But they aren’t, you’re in love with another and I gotta start living, caring and loving myself. I do adore you much… In any case, in a perfect world, I wouldn’t feel anything more for you and we’d be just friends. But maybe I didn’t want to lose you because I’m still so in love…

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