good day!! there’s something i need to tell someone but no one is the right person. everyone knows who i am and who i talk to so i can’t really share this :((
but!! i like a guy and i already confessed. can we call him Mike? we talk sometimes, there’s a certain game we both play. but i don’t know him that much. he’s kind of.. mysterious, i think he likes to keep it that way and i don’t ask much about him. a friend of Mike is someone i literally talk to everyday. i’ll name him Kyle! i started seeing Kyle in a funny lovey way. after i confessed to Mike i honestly wanted to keep a distance, but he said i’m still a close friend of his and didn’t wanna ruin that.
so Kyle and i talk a lot. we’ve been talking everyday for 6 months and it’s been fun. up until now i haven’t looked at him in a loving way. i always just thought we were good friends since he’s taken and i just think more of him as an older brother. but now.. i don’t know. who do i like? i still get butterflies when Mike randomly messages. and Kyle is loyal to his girlfriend. they say “if you like two people at once choose the second because you wouldn’t fall for the second if you really loved the first” but i don’t really know.
uhm!! this is my first ever submission so i’m sorry if it’s too long!! i wrote this with my whole heart though. i wish i could tell someone i know but i don’t wanna risk breaking any friendships apart.

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