I did it. I’m a snake. Because of my over competitiveness. I’m not going to say in what form but me and some friends used to play this one game for years. I was the party’s “leader”. Mind you this game we put hundreds of hours of work to maybe thousands and we had huge progress. But because I was over competitive I feared that they would surpass me and because at the time I was the best one I slowly gave everyone bad advice to the point they’d waste hundreds of hours on the game so I would be on top. Until I left out of boredom only to come back a year or two later to see everyone in my group was gone except one person. Devil was his in game name and rahaj was his actual name but let’s call him devil. My mind couldn’t comprehend how my position was taken so for 6 months I literally manipulated him like some movie type shit so he could stop playing but it didn’t work. I was close to giving up until I realized that there was a way I could get him banned, permanently. And so I did and he found out. I literally only cared about myself and my competitive drive was able to get me through high milestones only to realize that when I killed everyone, I couldn’t play anymore because I had no one to push me. I destroyed them and myself and lately I got insane karma on something else, maybe cleansing what I did. I destroyed years of progress and thousands of hours for myself only to realize that I couldn’t grow any more once I killed my friends who I considered rivals.

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